Starfish 8"x8" Handmade Cement Tile

$20.95 / SF

Brand Artisan Tile Shop

Product Specification:

High quality handcrafted encaustic cement tile by Artisan Tile Shop for all residential flooring, commercial flooring or any indoor and outdoor flooring usage.

The tile is handmade and high quality patterned tile. The color in the pattern comes from mineral pigments which are mixed and poured into a mold.

This is excellent high quality patterned cement tile. It can be used kitchen floorkitchen backsplashbathroom floor, hallways, stairs or any indoor and outdoor flooring purposes.

  • Product sold by sq. ft.
  • 1 tile is equal to 0.44 sq. ft.
  • Consider ordering extra 10 to 15% for waste and future repairs 
  • For sample orders please put quantity as "1" in the cart
  • 1 tile will be shipped as sample to show the quality and the colors of the product

    Color: Baby blue and white

    Size: 8"x 8"

    Weight: 6.5 lb

    Thickness: 5/8"