Dry Treat - Stain Proof Sealant

$99.95 / SF

Brand Artisan Tile Shop

Product Description: 

- Sealer for natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete tiles and grout
- Price per quarter
HOW TO USE (Stain-Proof) :
1- Test Product on small inconspicuous area first! Allow a 24 hours cure time to determine the ease of application and desired results
2- Surface must be dry, clean and free of residues.
3- DO NOT thin product!
4- Generously apply STAIN-PROOF  using low pressure hand sprayer, clean brush or lambswool applicator. Porous surfaces should have a mirror like "wet" look for 3-5 seconds. Avoid contact with surrounding areas. 
5- Wait for approximately 10 minutes before the surface dries, then repeat the step 4. total application rate is approximately one quart per 20 to 250 sq. ft. ( one litre per 2 to 25 sqm.) , depending on surface absorption. 
6- After the final coat, wait approximately 10 minutes but before the surface dries, then polish the surface thoroughly with clean, dry, white cloths, towels or similar to remove excess product, moistening cloth with STAIN-PROOF to ease polishing.
7- Use an organic solvent e.g. methylated spirits to clean equipment.