Dry Treat - Rejuvenata Cleaner

$44.95 / SF

Brand Artisan Tile Shop

Product Description: 

- Indoor cleaner for natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete tiles and grout
- Price per quarter
HOW TO USE (Rejuvenata, Natural Stone Cleaner) :
1- Test product on a small area before full application.
2- Remove dust and dirt from surface by sweeping or vacuuming. 
3- Pour 4-6 capfuls of REJUVENATA Active into a bucket of clean warm water (2 gallons / 8 Litres). Stir briefly. More soiled surfaces may need a higher concentration. 
4- Mop the surface, rinsing the mop frequently. If the mixture in the bucket becomes too dirty, rinse the mop thoroughly in clean water and mix fresh bucket of cleaner and water to continue mopping.
5- In light concentrations, the cleaner should not leave residue. If used in heavier concentrations, mop off residue with clean water.