Artisan Cement Tiles by Artisan Tile Shop

What is Cement Tile?

Cement Tiles are the hand made tiles with colorful surface and most of the time with nicely implemented patterns used to cover floors and walls.

These tiles known as "encaustic cement tile" in the most part of the world.

Cement tiles are produced one at a time and the material being used is cement, mineral pigments, a mold and an hydraulic press.

Metal molds are designed to produce different patterns and based on the drawings. The molds are being used to create color combinations for a pattern.

Cement tiles are not fired and glazed. But after production they are being air dried and sealed to provide durability and certain level of moisture absorption.

Artisan Tile Shop products are being pre-sealed and we always use mineral-based pigments to eliminate color fading.


January 07, 2017 by Artisan Tile Shop