Encaustic Patterned Cement Tiles by Artisan Tile Shop

Cement tiles are one of the popular patterned tiles these days and can be used in many different living spaces; such as patterned kitchen tiles, patterned bathroom tiles, backsplash cement tiles, encaustic cement tiles for hallways, artisan cement tiles for business use, cement tiles for wet spaces, encaustic cement tiles for stairs, cement tiles for walls and many other places.

Handmade cement tiles are not perfect such as manufactured porcelain tiles. Since they are handmade, the patterns may have small flaws. But that is also makes these patterned tiles great. They are actually like their counter part natural stone marbles. Because marble tiles may have flaws and they are not exactly like each other. Even colors will match, there may be small differences.

Encaustic handmade patterned tiles normally designed to create patterns when they are used in certain number. Single tile does not make any pattern in most cases. The idea with patterned cement tile, put at least 8 or 16 of them together to create great patterns.

Cement tile designers and manufacturers; such as our company Artisan Tile Shop, create patterns to apply cement tiles with variety of colors. The color differences attract different type of customers for their use in different projects.

February 04, 2017 by Artisan Tile Shop